Packaging for cosmetics and hygiene products

It is one of the most human needs of all: Hygiene and body care. Hygienic items come into direct contact with the human body and must therefore be safe from a dermatological, toxicological and microbiological point of view. For this reason, the majority of manufacturers make the same demands of packaging as they do for food packaging. These requirements can be met in the manufacture of our folded boxes, since our entire production environment has strict hygiene requirements that meet the food standard.

In addition, many cosmetic packaging items today represent chic objects that are also decorative items, for example, a dispenser that is on display in the home. Extensive finishing options can be used with packaging solutions for cosmetics to convey a sense of luxury and thus win favour with consumers, even in the higher priced segments. In the ever-growing “natural cosmetics” sector, the statement of the product is also effectively underlined by the choice of the appropriate materials for the packaging.

Our developed packaging solutions for intimate hygiene, body wash, skin care, regeneration and relaxation sectors will also convince you.

The most frequently desired properties and features:

Other options for equipping your packaging, organised according to topic: