Each of our two current sites has its own story to tell. These unite a total of more than 280 years of valuable experience in printing and packaging manufacturing, bundled into what is today an innovative and future-proof printing company.

Mugler Masterpack GmbH 2022


Mugler Masterpack

Logo Mugler Masterpack

Merging of all folding box activity operational business into Mugler Masterpack GmbH, based in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, with production facilities in Crimmitschau.


Mensing print & packaging solutions

Mensing print & packaging solutions

Acquisition of the customer accounts business of Mensing GmbH & Co. KG from Norderstedt near Hamburg (as a result of insolvency) and conversion into m.e.n.s.i.n.g. Vertriebs GmbH.


Falkenhorster Faltschachtel

Luftaufnahme Falkenhorster Faltschachtel Wolkenstein - Mugler Masterpack

Purchase of Falkenhorster Faltschachtel GmbH in Wolkenstein.


Ulli Mugler

Ulli Mugler - Mugler Masterpack

Mr Ulli Mugler joins the management team. Making him the fifth generation of the family to work in the company.


Mugler Masterpack is generated

Logo Mugler Masterpack

Renaming of the companies to Mugler Masterpack GmbH and Mugler Masterpack Crimmitschau GmbH. The close links and cooperation of the sites is now reflected in the names.


Takeover of masterpack

Bau Produktionshalle in Crimmtischau - Mugler Masterpack

Takeover of masterpack Crimmitschau GmbH. In the coming years, the site is expanded and fitted with modern technical equipment and technologies.



Verwaltungstrakt alte Aussenansicht Masterpack - Mugler Masterpack

Renaming to masterpack Crimmitschau GmbH. Integration of the Wall operations in the American Westvaco concern (subsequently called MeadWestvaco).



Luftaufnahme Produktionsstandort Wuestenbrand 1998 - Mugler Masterpack

Constant expansions of production facilities and new warehouse builds. As well as ongoing investment in the most modern of technological equipment, which still continues today.

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Drucksaal im Neubau 1995 - Mugler Masterpack

Complete new build and move to the new production site in Wüstenbrand and renaming of the company to Mugler Druck GmbH.



LKW der Wall Gruppe - Mugler Masterpack

Sale of the company to Alfred Wall AG in Graz. This results in the company becoming a subsidiary of the Europe-wide WALL Group.



Mitarbeiter in der Vorstufe 1990 - Mugler Masterpack

Re-privatisation as K+W Druck, Gebrüder Mugler by Jens Mugler and Christian Mugler in Hohenstein-Ernstthal. In the same year, M+S Druck Service GmbH is founded by Jens Mugler. Whereas M+S Druck carries out primarily printing tasks, K+W provides all book-binding services.


Altes Logo von Masterpack - Mugler Masterpack

New foundation as packaging factory Crimmitschau GmbH by the trust management. One year later, change of name to Masterpack Verpackungsmittelwerk Crimmitschau GmbH.



Rollenoffsetmaschine der VEB Oberlungwitz - Mugler Masterpack

Forced nationalisation of the book printer under the new company name VEB Kongress- und Werbedruck and investment in offset technology.


Alte Verpackung: Zuschnitt Bohneneintopf - Mugler Masterpack

Forced nationalisation of the Kunstanstalt under the new company name VEB Verpackungsmittelwerk Crimmitschau. This was followed by the specialisation in production of folded boxes. The coming years were characterised by production for large, well-known, customers such as Ferrero (Mon Cheri) or Bahlsen.



Firmengebaeude Buchdruckerei Georg Mugler - Mugler Masterpack

Founding of the Buchdruckerei Georg Mugler in Oberlungwitz. The company was specialised in the manufacture of packaging for the textiles industry.



Aktie Etzhold Kiessling - Mugler Masterpack

Founding of Kunstanstalt Etzold & Kiesling in Crimmitschau. At the time, one of the most significant art print companies in Germany producing art prints, calendars, postcards etc.

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