Quality, certifications and awards

Quality, safety and sustainability are in focus at Mugler Masterpack. Thanks to our certifications, our high levels of customer-orientation, performance, quality requirements and safety are effectively demonstrated to both customers and externals.

The creation of customer benefits and added value requires well planned and traceable actions in all divisions of our organisation. We work with a recognised cross-company quality management system that is regularly updated. In this way, we ensure that customer expectations are met in full and that new requirements are met in a targeted manner. We are prepared to constantly further develop and improve ourselves and the company.

Certificate ISO 9001 Mugler Masterpack

ISO9001 Mugler Masterpack

The development and production of primary and secondary packaging for food applications requires our highest level of care. Starting from the selection of material, through to the safe and hygienic packaging production, storage and transportation – all for the benefit of the consumer.

With the BRC Global Standard we guarantee quality and safety in our entire production process.

Certificate BRC Global Standard Mugler Masterpack

Since wood is the raw material used to create paper, its availability plays a key role in the company. The environmentally-aware consumer also pays attention to and prefers products obtained from sustainable forestry sources. We offer our customers packaging that is certified in accordance with the FSC® and PEFC™ standards throughout the entire supply chain, including our production and further processing. Proof may be applied to the packaging in the form of the appropriate logo.

Certificate FSC Mugler Masterpack
Certificate PEFC Mugler Masterpack

FSC Mugler Masterpack

PEFC Mugler Masterpack

As a manufacturing company, the energy factor is of elementary importance to us. That is why we focus on a systematic and active reduction of energy consumption and energy efficiency.

A responsible use of energy is part of our sustainability strategy and is the logical continuation of our quality and environmental management approach. Transparent energy flows help us to reduce our energy consumption and lower our energy costs, thus improving the profitability of Mugler Masterpack.

Certificate ISO 50001 Mugler Masterpack

Logo ISO 50001 Mugler Masterpack GmbH

Quality must be calculable and reproducible. The implementation of your print template is documented throughout our entire workflow from the initial receipt of data, through digital editing and down to the printing process. Our trained employees monitor, control and check the maintenance of standards with the help of modern measuring technologies. The corresponding framework conditions are created anew each day and ensure that the result is something to be proud of.

Certificate process standard offset printing (PSO) Mugler Masterpack

Logo PSO ISO12647 Mugler Masterpack

As a manufacturer of primary and secondary packaging for food, we are aware of the high level of care required during production. An important component is the suitable material selection. As a certified company, we also process the barrier solution FOODBOARD™. This solution is a barrier layer applied to the rear of the carton which prevent the transfer of undesired substances onto the food.
The certificate confirms that we act “as a certified processing company with the highest product safety standards”.

Certificate FOODBOARD™ Mugler Masterpack

Zertifikat FOODBOARD

SEDEX is the abbreviation for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. This global, online-based data platform serves the transparent exchange of information to ensure the social and ethical sustainability of companies. The SMETA Guide, which is one of the most frequently used audit concepts in the world, is generally used for SEDEX audits.

Our participation in SEDEX shows that we work along social and ethically sustainable production principles, and thereby contribute to ensuring that the entire value creation chain is more responsible for humans and the environment.



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