Production of packaging and classic print media

As a full-service provider, we offer all processing stages from a single source. Constant innovations and investment in machine technology and personnel form the basis of our performance abilities. Our professional, quick and binding service creates finished products from ideas. Why not profit from the opportunities we offer!

Our services in detail:

We check the technical quality of your print data and fine-tune it to ensure optimum and functional printing results. We plan the most economic production methods for your product to ensure quick production procedures.

Using a speed of up to 18,000 sheets/hour, we are able to inline print up to 7 colours and 2 varnishing coatings. Our qualified employees use colour-metric measuring technology to monitor the colour representation and stability from the initial print through to the very last print in the series.

Precision tools developed for you and used in conjunction with Swiss engineering result in a perfect cut-out for your product. We crease, perforate, emboss or score the paper and ensure the perfect form and function of your packaging.

The majority of packaging or classic print media is folded and glued so that it can be used in the intended way at a later date. The configurations and features of our folding and adhesive machinery enable both simple and complex folding and adhesive methods. Comprehensive information documentation is manufactured from individual elements and then combined at a later date. Here, a number of binding types are available.

Faltschachtel in einer Klebemaschine - Mugler Masterpack GmbH

In order to ensure that your packaging functions correctly, it must often be equipped with additional components. These elements are used to, for example, make your packaged product visible or ensure that the product can easily be removed from the packaging.  We have a wide variety of options available and will be happy to advise you.

Optical effects, such as UV varnishes or hot foil relief embossing, ensure that your product stands out at the POS. An individual serialisation/personalisation protects your product from counterfeiting and also offers new opportunities when it comes to marketing. These are just two examples of the many finishing options that we are able to offer.

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