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Mugler Masterpack is a future-proof, growing print company specialising in the development and production of packaging made from card and cardboard with a variety of finishing options. In addition to this, we also realise paper-based print products for use in conjunction with packaging, as well as for presentation and advertising purposes.

We are an owner-operated medium-sized family company and financially independent. Our sites in Crimmitschau and Wüstenbrand are in the west of Saxony and have good logistics connections. Our production is located to 100% in Germany and deliveries are sent out to our customers around Europe. Mugler Masterpack procures materials from sustainable sources and manufactures products using renewable and recyclable raw materials.

A slimline organisation, with qualified and motivated employees in conjunction with modern production technology allows us to meet the requirements of our clients in a flexible and cost-efficient way. In doing so, we promise to maintain the agreed quality and deadlines, and are thus considered a reliable partner by our long-term customers.

Our solutions are used in a wide variety of markets and branches. Thanks to our standards, we meet, among other things, the strict requirements of the food and pharmaceuticals industries. Regional and international manufacturers of branded goods trust in our expertise and competence – resulting in unusual and effective packaging.

Our specialization:
The folding box.
It is handy, stackable and space-saving to store in unfilled condition!
It can be wonderfully printed, refined and equipped with interactive features!
It is natural and sustainable!
With a recycling rate of more than 85% (EU average) and the special property in paper production, folding cartons can be recycled almost 25 times.

The company

The B2B sector

300 employees at two locations

Annual turnover EUR 45 million

Building traditions in print and packaging
since 1867

The production

3-shift system

1.25 billion products a year

Paper, card and cardboard
(fresh fibre and recycling)
in weights of 45 – 500 g/m²

Batch sizes ranging from
a few thousand through to several million items

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