As a service-oriented service provide, we become a part of your value-added chain. We coordinate our production to correspond to your requirements and make sure that everything is provided in the right quantities, at the right time and to the right place.

Our services in detail:

On the basis of fixed ranges of coverage, you can arrange for us to stock the raw materials necessary to ensure that we will always be able to start producing immediately and be able to deliver within the shortest of times.

Papierstapel_Mugler_Masterpack GmbH

Depending on the arrangements made, we can store finished items for a previously defined maximum time period, and constantly deliver partial quantities to you. This is gentle on your warehousing capacity and your liquidity reserves.

Gabelstapler im Fertigwarenlager - Mugler Masterpack GmbH

It doesn’t matter whether it’s from the warehouse or fresh from production. We will deliver just-in-time to meet your needs. On request, also with electronic delivery notice. If you have your own fleet of vehicles you will probably be interested in flexible delivery conditions: We are easily able to arrange collection or delivery to the door, as required for each batch.

Just in Time Lieferung - Mugler Masterpack GmbH

Does your company have an extensive scope of items with many variations? We will commission your calls into collated deliveries and send them to wherever they are required.

Paletten mit kommissionierter Ware - Mugler Masterpack GmbH

We will pack individually in accordance with your specifications, or we can optimise the load, taking into account your warehousing and production conditions. The implementation of special goods labelling for smooth, automated warehousing logistics is a part of our service. Special requirements, for example, plastic carriers for particular logistics management sectors is no problem.

Stapelwechel in einer Druckmaschine - Mugler Masterpack GmbH

We deliver throughout Europe. In doing so, we work with internationally active freight partners. Regional destinations are covered by our fleet. Depending on the delivery agreement, dispatch is implemented by unit load, partial or full load.

Beladung eines LKWs mit Verpackungen - Mugler Masterpack GmbH

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