Data transfer to Mugler Masterpack

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Technical notes:
Please use the PDF file format or a compressed ZIP file for the transfer of data. The maximum data size is 1 GB.

Your data will be viewed and processed by our staff as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at +49 3723 4991-0 for more information.

General notes regarding data transfer and creation

General notes regarding data transfer and creation

  • Print data for a current order:
    You will be sent a link via email which will guide you to a data upload dialogue.
  • Regular data deliveries:
    We will set up a permanent access to our WebCenter communications platform for you. This enables you to quickly and conveniently transfer your print data to us. Speak to your customer advisor or the head of pre-press: Matthias Mieth, Tel: +49 3723 4991-93,
  • Data for an inquiry or offer:
    Why not make use of our guest access option? The form will help you to communicate the specifications for further processing.
  • Own upload portal:
    If you use your own portal for data, simply send us the necessary access data via email.  We can then download the appropriate data ourselves.

Print data creation

Notes regarding the nature of print data and a specification of our production parameters can be obtained from the following documents:

Advise for electronic delivery of print files
Printer specifications Mugler Masterpack