May 2021

New training opportunities at Mugler Masterpack from September 2021

Mugler Masterpack has decided to expand the the range of training in the company once again. In addition to the already four apprenticeships in the field of printing and printing processing, the printing company is now offering the apprenticeship occupations skilled worker for warehouse logistics (m/f/d) and industrial clerk (m/f/d) from September 2021. As a company, we believe that the long-term and successful future of a company can only be shaped with highly qualified specialists. The company wants to make its contribution to this at an early stage and to inspire and train young and committed people for the world of packaging.
As an apprentice industrial clerk, you get to know the most diverse departments from purchasing, sales/order preparation, production planning to the commercial administration of our company. On the other hand, the warehouse logistics worker is responsible for receiving, storing, picking, checking and delivering the various goods.

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January 2021

Printing investment campaign

The printing investment campaign has been concluded. The last of 3 new printers is commissioned successfully at Mugler Masterpack in Wüstenbrand. This marks a further milestone in the process of upgrading the production environment at the Wüstenbrand site. Finally, all printers at the Wüstenbrand site are now in the same production hall. The removal of the old printing systems has created space for reorganising the print processing section, in particular die cutting. Overall, Mugler invested about 10 million euros in state-of-the-art technology at both production sites in 2020.

November 2020

Multicolor colour system

Mugler Masterpack introduces the Multicolor colour system. Not only the CMYK scale colours are used, but also the colours orange, violet and green. This allows us to offer a larger colour space by using up to 90% of the Pantone colour space.  This means that packaging series with a large number of different print motifs and alternating special colours in particular can be printed highly effectively with the Multicolour technology. There is no longer any need to continuously change the inking units and this, in turn, reduces the unit price in the long term.

September 2020

The ideas for the competition by the school children are put on display

The 2nd Westsächsischer Verpackungspreis (West Saxony Packaging Prize) took place at various secondary schools in the region from autumn 2019 to summer 2020. After the end of the competition, between September and the beginning of December, the submitted packaging were displayed in the rooms of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Zwickau.

Place 1: Internationale Oberschule Niederwürschnitz

Place 3: Oberschule Thalheim, form 8

Note: Due to the Corona pandemic, it was not possible to carry out the award ceremonies at all schools and not always with the full class.

June 2020

Westsächsischer Verpackungspreis – this is what winners look like

The second round of the Westsächsischer Verpackungspreis (West Saxony Packaging Prize), which was initiated by Mugler Masterpack in 2018, started in Autumn 2019. In September 2019, 5 schools embarked on an interesting project to develop and produce suitable packaging for selected items. To familiarise the schoolchildren with packaging production issues, they attended a presentation and also went on a tour of the Mugler Masterpack plant. The participating classes had time to develop their packaging before the winter holidays 2020.
The assessment of the packaging by the jury had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic so that the winners were only announced at the end of the school year.
Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you for your motivation and the great project work.

Our positions in detail:

  1. Internationale Oberschule Niederwürschnitz
  2. Pestalozzi Oberschule Oberlungwitz, Klasse 8b
  3. Oberschule Thalheim, Klasse 8
  4. Internationale Oberschule Meerane, Klasse 8
  5. Pestalozzi Oberschule Oberlungwitz, Klasse 8a
  6. Internationale Oberschule Reinsdorf, Klasse 8

Our jury consisted of the following persons:

  • Lars Kluge, Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Hohenstein-Ernstthal
  • Ines Kretzschmann, Betriebsleiterin Marbach Stanzformtechnik Geyer
  • Carsten Schmidt-Kippig, Inhaber Juwelier Roller Chemnitz
  • Raik Wolf, Sparkasse Chemnitz

May 2020

Investment campaign: Upgrading the printing equipment in Wüstenbrand and Crimmitschau

Mugler Masterpack is switching to the latest printing technology by König & Bauer Radebeul at both sites. At the moment we are currently installing a 7-track offset printer in the format class IV at the Crimmitschau site and a 6-track offset printer in the format class 3B at the Wüstenbrand site. Both machines have the high-resolution inline inspection PDF Check function for quality assurance and lots of other extras. We are also planning to invest in a further printing machine in a 3B format in 2021.

May 2020

Installation of the new window gluer

Mugler Masterpack has a long tradition of using windows in its packaging. The company therefore invested in a new window patcher to improve its position in the tissue packaging market. “We invested in a machine of the type HS Master with two tracks, automatic strip control, roll change, die cutter and de-stacking unit with the objective of taking our productivity to a new level,” says managing partner Ulli Mugler. The machine comes with an added extra; it is equipped with a register control that allows printed films to be applied precisely. This means that Mugler Masterpack is now able to design complex packaging in-house in the field of high-grade premium packaging.

February 2020

Crafting materials for playschools, daycare centres and other organisations donated

As part of a large donation campaign, Mugler Masterpack handed over folded boxes of various shapes, sizes and designs to kindergartens, schools, care centres and churches throughout the Erzgebirge region. These items originated from the remaining stocks of the now closed web shop of the company Falkenhorster Faltschachtel GmbH. The boxes, which are usually coloured, can be used as craft materials for creative projects in the various organisations.

January 2020

The new corporate structure

All operational business activities related to the development, manufacture and sale of packaging materials have been carried out across the board by the legal entity Mugler Masterpack GmbH since 1 January 2020. This has brought order to the somewhat chaotic previous structure resulting from the company acquisitions made over the past few years.
It will also strengthen the core brand Mugler Masterpack, and standardise and simplify processes even further, which is necessary in order to be able to respond to the new decade’s market challenges as well as the requirements of our customers faster and more easily, and to make optimum use of rationalisation and synergy effects.

January 2020

Additional support for the sales department and new management board member

Jens Fischer joined the sales department management team at the Crimmitschau location in October 2019. As an experienced packaging materials/folding box key account manager, he is aware of the importance of reliable process completion, especially when it comes to the details. He views himself as the customer’s advocate and establishes trust – the basis for a successful cooperation.

In early 2020, Christoph Sanen became a member of the Mugler Masterpack GmbH management board. In this capacity, he now heads the team at the Crimmitschau location, taking over the position from Christian Lorenz, who retired in 2019. Christoph Sanen’s career in the packaging material industry has spanned many years. He has occupied management positions in renowned companies in our industry, and has been the driver and instigator of numerous change processes.

Neubau Rohwarenlager Wüstenbrand Mugler Masterpack
Neubau Rohwarenlager Wüstenbrand Mugler Masterpack

October 2019

New raw material warehouse at the Wüstenbrand location

The construction works for a new warehouse at Gewerbering 8 started in the autumn of 2018. However, before that, a plot of land in the northern part of the company site had to be acquired, an older existing building had to be demolished, and a large supporting wall had to be erected.

After a year of construction work, the 2,005-square-metre warehouse was then ready to go into operation in October 2019, exactly on schedule. The warehouse is divided into three areas: a high bay area with mobile racking that holds around 2,800 pallets, block storage with approx. 1,300 spaces and, at the sides, around 250 high bay spaces for incomplete pallets. This means that the raw material can now be used strictly in accordance with the FIFO principle, and there is no longer any need to drive to external facilities located somewhere else.  The construction of the raw material warehouse is the first step in the overall material flow optimisation concept at the Wüstenbrand location, and created the preconditions for the future conversion of the print and print processing production areas.

October 2019

New vocational qualification available at Mugler Masterpack from September 2020

We specialise in paper and cardboard processing. What may initially sound trivial is a trade practised at an industrial scale and calls for well-qualified experts. The printing company Mugler Masterpack has therefore decided to extend the range of vocational training qualifications it offers, currently three. From September 2020 onwards, it will also offer vocational training to future print processing media technologists. The job involves planning and monitoring the production process of print products, setting up machines and equipment and also taking pre- and post-printing production processes into account.

October 2019

What does the production process for a folding box involve?

Our recently qualified print media technologist was interested in this question, and therefore accompanied the production of our give away packaging from start to finish. The result is a short video. It follows a box through the production process and illustrates and explains the individual stages of the production process.

However, see for yourself…

Personalreferentin Sandra Wagner (m.) mit einem Teil der neuen Auszubildenden am Standort Wüstenbrand

September 2019

Our secure future depends on talented young people

To make sure that we will also be able to continue to meet all customer requirements, we constantly have to develop further and invest in new qualified experts. Mugler Masterpack therefore provides vocational training and offers the perfect conditions for this. This year, we welcomed seven young adults to our company at the beginning of the vocational training year. They will complete accredited vocational training courses to become print media technologists, digital and print media designers and packaging material technologists.
We hope that all of our vocational trainees enjoy their training and wish them every success and an exciting time with the Mugler Masterpack printing company.

Place 1: Internationale Oberschule Meerane, form 9

Place 2: Evangelische Oberschule Gersdorf, form 8a

Place 3: Pestalozzi-Oberschule Oberlungwitz, form 8a

May 2019

Westsächsischer Verpackungspreis award

In order to get talented young people interested in the industry, the idea to hold a packaging competition for upper secondary schools in the region was born in 2018.

In August 2018, it finally came to fruition: a total of eight classes from five schools addressed the exciting task of designing and then manually producing cardboard packaging for a range of items. Mugler Masterpack supported the students with professional advice, an introductory presentation, a guided tour of the production facilities and by sharing many tips and tricks with them. After numerous hours spent on the realisation of the project, the results were then submitted to us at the end of the winter term holidays and judged by an independent jury. The local press attended the official awards ceremony, which included the prize money presentation and gave the winners a sense of achievement they will remember for a long time to come.

We hope that everyone involved enjoyed working with the materials paper and cardboard and had plenty of fun, and was also able to gain an insight into the many things that are needed to produce packaging that is functional and also appeals to end consumers.

Our positions in detail:

  • Internationale Oberschule Meerane, Klasse 9
  • Evangelische Oberschule Gersdorf, Klasse 8a
  • Pestalozzi-Oberschule Oberlungwitz, Klasse 8a
  • Oberschule Thalheim, Klasse 8b
  • Internationale Oberschule Reinsdorf, Klasse 9
  • Oberschule Thalheim, Klasse 8a
  • Evangelische Oberschule Gersdorf, Klasse 8b
  • Pestalozzi-Oberschule Oberlungwitz, Klasse 8b

Our jury consisted of the following persons:

  • Jan Jassner, Geschäftsführer bruno banani
  • Ines Kretzschmann, Betriebsleiterin Marbach Stanzformtechnik Geyer
  • Tobias Krohn, Volksbank Chemnitz
  • Lutz Neubert, Ortsvorsteher Grüna

April 2019

First successful mass production of packaging with Digimarc at Mugler Masterpack

The issue of using Digimarc on large-scale print runs became relevant for Mugler Masterpack at the beginning of the year. To accompany the first larger mass production run, a respective documented processing and inspection manual was developed to ensure guaranteed functionality in every respect later on. Mugler Masterpack is therefore fully prepared for the process of reproducing Digimarc codes on large-scale print runs.

The Digimarc Barcode is a digital watermark that is integrated into the print data imperceptibly, like a kind of image noise. This decodable pattern, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by scanners equipped with the respective software, and can therefore considerably speed up the payment process at supermarket tills, for example. Besides this, additional, more detailed information can also be added to the packaging with the Digimarc Barcode which can then be accessed directly via an app. You can find more information at:

Logo ISO 50001 Mugler Masterpack GmbH

December 2018

Introduction of energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001

As a manufacturing company, Mugler Masterpack is committed to the economical and responsible use of energy resources.

By introducing an energy management system, we are now able to analyse our energy flows and thus achieve an active reduction in energy consumption and an increase in energy efficiency.

Logo BRC Mugler Masterpack GmbH

November 2018

The Mugler Masterpack group has been BRC certified at both locations

The BRC Global Standard defines a clear framework for packaging and packaging materials to control and ensure production safety, integrity, quality and legality.
This ensures the safety of the intended use and the packaged goods. The BRC Global Standard certification thus replaces the XXXX-certified ISO 22000 certification in the company and confirms our utmost care in the production of food-grade packaging.

Developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the BRC Global Standard is one of the most widespread food standards and is now being promoted primarily in the food industry.


Mugler Masterpack is nominated for the 14th “Druck & Medien Awards”.

Mugler Masterpack was selected as one of the finalists in the category “Packaging Printer of the Year”.

Each year, the “Druck & Media Awards” are presented in various categories and recognize the best print service providers, prepress operators and processors for their outstanding print products. Since 2015, the “Druck & Medien Awards” and the “Innovationspreis der deutschen Druckindustrie“ (Innovation Prize of the German printing industry) have been combined.

July 2018

Mugler Masterpack invests in new processing technology at Crimmitschau
(Output at Crimmitschau plant increases by 33%)

Two new plants were commissioned at the Crimmitschau site in July 2018: A Bobst Expertcut 145 PER high-performance flatbed die-cutter in large format and a Bobst Expertfold 110 folder-gluer.

With the new flatbed die-cutter, the effective capacity of the Crimmitschau plant is increased enormously. (Production output increases by 33%.)

The folder-gluer now makes it possible to produce even more complicated special gluings such as photo folders, special folding box constructions and very large folding base packaging with smaller production tolerances than before, which is particularly beneficial for product quality.


Trainee excursion to the Koehler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG to Greiz

At the beginning of June, our apprentices got to know paper production up close at the Koehler Paper Group’s paper mill in Greiz. For one day they had the opportunity to take a look at all areas of paper production.

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Mugler Masterpack is now also active on Facebook

We will inform you about news in the company, vacancies and there will be interesting facts about printing.

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Access to the Wüstenbrand plant hampered by roadworks

Due to road works, the access to the Wüstenbrand plant from 05.04.2018 until October 2018 from the directions Gera, Leipzig and Dresden is closed. The road works are carried out between the village Wüstenbrand and the industrial area Wüstenbrand (headquarter Mugler Masterpack). Please pay attention to the local signposts or our supplemented directions.

Diversion routes to the Wüstenbrand plant


The Verpackungs-Rundschau writes:
Innovative packaging – family business offers all processing stages from one source

The specialist magazine for the packaging industry covers the company group Mugler Masterpack in its issue 09/17.

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Verpackungs-Rundschau, issue 09/2017, pages 56-58,

August 2017

We celebrate 150 years of packaging printing in Crimmitschau

150 years ago, Etzold & Kießling was founded in Crimmitschau in 1867.

And thus the beginnings of our present location in Crimmitschau. We can proudly look back on 150 years of print history, where packaging has always had a special focus.

In the first time of the company, production initially comprised graphic products such as postcards, calendars, posters and brochures. Later came also packaging of paper and cardboard. In 1897, the company was transformed into a joint stock company and henceforth it was called Kunstanstalt Etzold & Kießling A.-G. Over the years, the company has earned a good reputation in the field of flat printing in Germany.

In the 20th century the demand for packaging by the industrial development increased rapidly and therefore the packaging printing within the company gained a lot of importance.

In the years after 1945, the company was continued on in the then Soviet occupation zone and later in the GDR as a stock corporation, a limited partnership, and a semi-state enterprise, and was increasingly directed to exclusive packaging production under state influence. Within the scope of this development, the printing technology has been converted to modern offset printing. In 1972, in the course of a large-scale nationalization wave in the former GDR, the forced state was brought to the VEB Verpackungsmittelwerk Crimmitschau.

After the political change in the GDR, the company was set under the administration of the Treuhand-Anstalt in July 1990, and since 1991 it has been named masterpack Crimmitschau GmbH. In the course of the dissolution of GDR structures and the associated reprivatisation, the Treuhandanstalt sold the company in 1992 to the Austrian WALL Group, one of the major packaging printing companies in Austria. In the years 2001 to 2004 the WALL Group comes into the ownership of the US paper company Westvaco and later MeadWestvaco.

In 2004, Mr. Jens Mugler, who already manages the printing company Mugler Druck GmbH in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, bought the masterpack Crimmitschau GmbH from MeadWestvaco. In addition to promotional and business printing, Mugler Druck is increasingly active in packaging printing, so the specialization has been further advanced with the new location. Since 2004, the Crimmitschau site has been characterized by intensive investment activity, creating the conditions for a modern and competitive production and thus for a stable future of the site. Since 2010, the plant has been named Mugler Masterpack Crimmitschau GmbH as an integral part of the Mugler Group.

Today, with more than 100 employees at the Crimmitschau site, we produce high-quality cardboard packaging worth around EUR 20 million a year. The main focus of the production there is on packaging for the food industry, for many well-known German and international brands, which can be found in almost all supermarkets in Germany.

On 8 September 2017 an article appeared in Blickpunkt Crimmitschau 17/2017.

Read the article
Blickpunkt Crimmitschau, issue 17/2017,


New at Mugler Masterpack:
Digitalproof with binding representation of special colors

Since this month, Mugler Masterpack has provided its customers with digital proofs, which are also color-coded for the special colors Pantone and HKS. The shown special colors are validated by measurement technology, so that even the tolerances of the color gamuts are excluded.

It is no longer necessary to rely on digital proofing plus color gamuts during the release process and during the print production. The digital proof is binding for all colors and facilitates the production of the optimal print image.

Validation is based on the new standard of the process standard offset ISO 12647-7: 2016. The norm is implemented at Mugler Masterpack with EPSON SC7000 with 11 inks and the gmg software DotProof 5.9.


FOODBOARD™ certification – Mugler Masterpack GmbH has been approved for the processing of barrier-card solutions using Mayr-Melnhof card.

As early as 2013, Mugler Masterpack were able to gather initial experiences using the “UNIFOOD” barrier carton from WEIG-Karton within the framework of a customer test. This product is designed to protect the packaging foodstuff from migration of undesired substances e.g. mineral oils. Since 2014, Mugler Masterpack has been using the “Catcherboard MB12” barrier carton from SmurfitKappa which binds mineral oil residue from the cardboard and the environment by way of an active carbon insert, thus ensuring it is not transferred to the food.

The FOODBOARD™ barrier solution is a barrier layer applied to the rear of the carton which prevent the transfer of undesired substances onto the food. In order to ensure that the carton, and the folded boxes produced from this carton, are processed under safe conditions, product training along with a check of our procedures and the production environment has been implemented. As an established manufacturer for safe food packaging, this certification was not a new concept, merely a confirmation of our daily work.

We currently make primary packaging for tea, rice and dried animal feed using card with a functional migration barrier.

The certificate confirms that we act “as a certified processing company with the highest product safety standards”.

Certificate FOODBOARD™ Mugler Masterpack


The new homepage is launched

With the launch of the new website, Mugler Masterpack gets a modern facelift. The focus of the modern online face is placed on information that has been prepared for the target group along with the representation of our wide product portfolio. Alongside the classic elements of a website, this page now includes a special customer access as well as simple options for transfer data.
Seen from a technical perspective, the focus of the new development was on web-usability aspects and optimisation with regard to a variety of user end-devices (responsive web design).


Trainees starting their professional careers at Mugler Masterpack

On 1st September, the company welcomed its new trainees. This year, two trainees started training in media technology printing. After the welcome and an initial tour of the company, the trainees were introduced to their future workplaces.

For many years, Mugler Masterpack has placed great value on training our own specialist staff. It is our conviction that we will only be able to do justice to the quality and service requirements in today’s competitive environment with the help of well trained specialists.

We would like to wish all trainees great success and an exciting time at Mugler Masterpack.


CEO Ulli Mugler in conversation with SWEETS GLOBAL NETWORK

The international sweet trading association SWEETS GLOBAL NETWORK speaks in interview to CEO Ulli Mugler about the secrets of success, packaging, carton qualities, sustainability, competition and strong partners.
This interview was published in “SG-Magazin”, edition 5/2016.

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SG Magazin, edition 5/2016,

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